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Concept Development

Pure Saiva is a business organization which primarily focuses on the wellbeing of the society and the betterment of the environment by providing a specially tailored vegetarian food and beverage menu to its patrons. Our menu is engineered in accordance with a healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly diet. The Southern Indian Tamil Cuisine is traditionally vegetarian and has always been dedicating their culinary expertise on a holistic vegetarian meal for thousands of years. Pure Saiva’s menu is derived from this cuisine, at the same time to accompany this cuisine we are weaving a lifestyle menu in which will recognize and fit the local and global consumer habits and trends. This will be done by not changing the fundamentals and values of the South Indian Tamil cuisine and our business.


PureSaiva is an awareness company that serves Southern Indian Vegetarian Food with the ease-of-access of fast food. We promote a sustainable, environmentally-conscious lifestyle with an emphasis on cruelty-free practices & animal welfare as well as spiritual well-being & holistic nourishment. A natural, nutritious diet is fundamental to our health so all our food is made without artificial flavorings, additives, mock meats, or preservatives.

The Vegetarian Philosophy

Switching to a vegetarian diet drastically reduces carbon-emissions, water consumption, & is also cruelty-free! It helps create and maintain a spiritually sound state that enables empathy & compassion.

Service Concept of the Restaurant

Pure Saiva’s restaurant concept is a straight line - self-service echelon counters with a payment point at the end. The beginning of the counter starts with a section where plat-wares are taken with a tray then followed by the main food counter. At the main food counter, patrons will help themselves with the various food prepared, subsequently, condiments are then picked. Before the payment point, patrons will be picking their chosen beverage at a separate counter, finally, payment will be made at the last counter according to the food and beverage taken. Patrons then are free to be seated anywhere around the dining area. After having their meal; plat-wares, cutleries and emptied bottles are to be disposed at the designated clearing counter.

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